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AUSTROPLAN Austrian Engineering GmbH in Ober St. Veit


AUSTROPLAN Austrian Engineering GmbH


Hietzinger Kai 133 / Top 502
1130 Wien / Ober St. Veit

Telefon:+43 (0) 1 / 89 189 - 0
Fax:+43 (0) 1 / 89 189 - 299
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consulting, engineering, contracting, cement, cement consulting, process engineering, plant, austroplan, lpg cylinders, steel consulting, medical disposables, pharmaceutical products, supervision, realization, project management, basalt fiber

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Austroplan provides Consulting, Engineering and Contracting Services for New and Existing Industrial Plants and Projects for Building materials, Cement, Steel, LPG cylinders and Medical Disposables  
AUSTROPLAN Austrian Engineering GmbH
Consulting and Engineering
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Pressetext: AUSTROPLAN Austrian Engineering GmbH has more than 50 years of experience in engineering, management and realization of industrial projects and plants for LPG cylinders, tanks and similar products as well as medical disposables and pharmaceutical products. AUSTROPLAN is a multi-disciplinary consulting and engineering company serving the building materials and steel industry a reliable partner in the sectors of cement, building materials and minerals processing; providing cement consulting world wide. AUSTROPLAN is a leading service provider for engineering, contracting and management consultancy. AUSTROPLAN is independent and develops new ventures and businesses which create value for our customers and future investors. AUSTROPLAN's services cover project development, raw material investigations, feasibility studies, process engineering, plant design, tender documentation and evaluation, project management and supervision of project implementation, operational improvement, inspections, performance testing, plant audits and upgrading. AUSTROPLAN’s cement expert's pool provides a network of experts with their competency profiles and their specific professional strengths. Our Spare parts procurement services will help to reduce your costs and will improve your efficiency. AUSTROPLAN has a lot of experience in working with Chinese suppliers and contractors. Our knowhow in project management, inspections and site supervision will safe you money.
Wirtschaftsgruppen: Maschinen, Dienstleistungen und Wirtschaftsdienste, Baustoffe Bauteile
Branchen: Ingenieurbüros, Wirtschaftsberatung, Zement, Baustoffe, Faserzementwaren
Produkte und
Bauüberwachung, Ingenieurbüros: Elektrotechnik, Ingenieurbüros: Maschinenbau, Technisches Büro für Maschinenbau, Ingenieurbüros: Bauüberwachung
Spez. Produkte: Cement consulting and upgrading of pants, services for alternative fuels, bio fuels and additives
GPS-Koordinaten:N 16.3666667 E 48.2000000

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