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Kurt Ryslavy in Judendorf


Kurt Ryslavy


Murhofstrasse 28
8111 Judendorf-Straßengel / Judendorf

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Kunst, Malerei, Skulpturen, Konzeptkunst, Texte, Bücher, Künstlerbücher, Literatur, Dichtung, Poesie, Ölbilder, Papierarbeiten, Collagen, kontextuell, Relational Art, Verkaufswerk, Rechnungsbild, Banderolenbild, Videoinstallation, Performance, Aktion




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KURT RYSLAVY (*1961 in Österreich) ist ein transdisziplinärer Konzept-Künstler (Texte, Malerei, Installationen, Performance, Skulpturen, Fotografie)  
Kurt Ryslavy
Logo Gemeindezusammenlegung Steiermark, 2015, Kurt Ryslavy, Öl/ Lw. (60 x 60 cm)
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UID-Nummer:AT U37 652 606
Firmenbuchnummer:Siret Stnr. 2208 176 GU
Pressetext: In 2011, the publication ‘ceci n’est qu’une maison bourgeoise’ appeared, by the Austrian artist Kurt Ryslavy, of which the cover shows the Brussels residence where he works as an artist since the 1990s. The ground floor of the house is decorated with care and good taste. Antique furniture and large floral bouquets produce a distinguished but pleasant atmosphere and a housekeeper keeps it all spotless. One may find works by Ryslavy himself in these rooms, together with pieces from his art collection. Raised in a middle-class family in Graz, Ryslavy moved to Vienna in the 1970s. The artistic subtext in Vienna was still being nurtured by Viennese Actionism that had radically dealt with the bourgeois aesthetics and ideology of the previous generation. When the artist established himself in Brussels in 1987, the Gulf Crisis forces him to find an additional form of income. Ryslavy “I allowed myself to be inspired by that fatalistic atmosphere () to the point of developing a very extreme form of conceptualism the establishment of what we might call a good bourgeois existence. In order to do this, I decided to set up a wine importing business. True, I had no professional experience – beyond private consumption – but I was sufficiently pushy and disdainful of conventions ().” (D. Airault). The Brussels property has since then provided the refined environment where customers, surrounded by art, can taste wine and buy it. Ryslavy’s house also offers potential art collectors the opportunity of “viewing art with a glass of good wine”. Both scenery and living space, the property reflects the intimacy of the private; anyway, it’s a baffling place for business. Social conventions, which mark the difference between the private and public spheres, make themselves clearly felt when looking at paintings from the work-sequence le monochrome avec son arrière-plan économique, a series within the bigger context of factures décoratives (since 1995) L. Hanssens (Herbert Foundation Ghent)
Wirtschaftsgruppen: Verlage Papier Zeitung Buch, Sonstige, Handwerk
Branchen: Buch- und Medienwirtschaft
Produkte und
viersprachige Hotelbibel
Spez. Produkte: Ölbilder, Installationen, Skulpturen, freie Graphik, Texte, Fotographie
Marken: Verkaufswerke, Rechnungsbilder, Schuberbilder, Banderolenbilder, etc. (eigene Marken © Ryslavy)
GPS-Koordinaten:N 15.3500000 E 47.1166667
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