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Study Academy Vienna IB Revision Courses in Wien, Penzing


Study Academy Vienna IB Revision Courses


Schloss Miller Aichholz, Linzerstrasse 429
1140 Gemeindebezirk Penzing / Wien, Penzing

Telefon:0720 815010
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Pressetext: Study Academy Vienna IB Revision Courses Exclusive IB Revision Courses Choose Your Course! Maximize Your IB Results! Highly Experienced IB Teachers Study Academy Vienna provides professional guidance for students as they enjoy their time in Vienna whilst simultaneously developing their knowledge and learning skills. One key to our success is a truly dedicated and energetic faculty with broad experience and passion for the subjects they teach. With our qualified and inspiring faculty, all students will be motivated to interact and learn both inside and outside of the classroom. Study Academy Vienna includes Summer School Camp, IB Preparation Courses and organising Teachers Seminars & Conferences. The Summer School Camp offers six subjects German, English, Spanish, Math, Art and Sciences. These courses are taught in depth to increase student's knowledge and understanding. We truly appreciate the effort and dedication our students invest in their work, and we are delighted to see them improve their knowledge, study skills and confidence. Our IB Preparation Courses are designed specifically for the needs of each student, to help them excel in all subject areas they choose. With small teaching groups, a friendly atmosphere, and highly experienced inspirational teachers, most of whom are examiners, our students will undoubtedly raise their achievement exam level, fulfil their potential and broaden their horizons. I warmly welcome you to the Study Academy Vienna
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