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MACOT-Management Contracting Trading-GmbH in Kainbach


MACOT-Management Contracting Trading-GmbH


Mühlenweg 4
8047 Graz-Ragnitz / Kainbach

Telefon:+43 720 505 400
Fax:+43 720 505 400 9
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development, Handlung, Service, Iran

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Pressetext: MACOT Introduction MACOT is privately held Management Contracting and Trading established, aiming in maximizing value and minimizing risk for the customers.As a value based company, MACOT was formed to offer our clients an opportunity to benefit from the best technological aspects of equipment and services, together with the most beneficial prices.MACOT, in its midterm plan will introduce a new concept for the import of equipment & services to Iran, by increasing her share holders` import productivity and in general will cover the activities of more than 40% of the energy companies. Our Vision To maximize the value and minimize the risk for our customers. To find the best working environment for Iranian suppliers & service providers. To build lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with business partners To encourage Honesty, Creativity and become knowledge based company. Becoming the most trusted partner for our clients. To develop adequate financing capabilities resulting in engineering a larger number of business transaction.
Wirtschaftsgruppen: Handel und Gewerbe
Branchen: Handel mit Maschinen, Computersystem, technischer u.industrieller Bedarf

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